Democratic Labor Party

Democratic Labor Party

an Australian political party, conservative in policy, formed in 1957 as a result of a split in the Australian Labor Party; dissolved in 1978 in all states except Victoria where, in 2013, it changed the spelling of its name to Democratic Labour Party. Abbrev.: DLP
The principal aim of the DLP was to keep the ALP out of office unless the latter confronted the communist threat that the DLP perceived in domestic and foreign affairs. Although it did not win any lower-house seats, the DLP held the balance of power in the Senate, with a peak of five representatives in 1970, and its disciplined direction of supporters' preferences helped keep the ALP out of power until 1972. The DLP's influence waned with the recovery of the ALP under Gough Whitlam and in 1978 it was disbanded in all states except Victoria. The party's position as the third force in Australian politics was gradually taken over by the Australian Democrats, and then by the Australian Greens. In 2006 the DLP re-emerged on the political landscape when it won a seat in the Victorian Legislative Council and in the federal election of 2010, DLP candidate John Madigan was elected to represent Victoria in the Senate.

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